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  Suki Valentine is an artist, activist, writer and poet whose work has been described by critics as astonishing, luminous and fantastical. After receiving a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from Pratt Institute in New York City, they received an MFA - Studio Art in 2017 from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, where they were bestowed the MCAD Grad Fellowship Grant. 

  Since then, an ongoing transformation of art and process has been untaken. This has included a stint in Morocco as an Artist In Residence for Dar Slimane, followed by regular contributions to a number of group shows for galleries from San Diego to New York City in the US, to France, Israel and Finland internationally. This lead, in 2019, to Valentine's work being featured as half of two person show Languages Of Environment 
(with Israeli sculptor Avi Sperber) at Paris' Mémoire de l'Avenir gallery. The show was named Number Two in Paris Lights Up's "Top Ten Exhibits To See" Spring Issue that year.

   2020 through 2022, difficult years by any set of standards imaginable, did not slow down Suki or their work, starting with inclusion in a number of group shows, with several at A.I.R. Gallery in New York City (the most recent, My Body, My Choice, premiering in June 2022), Paris' L'AiR Arts' Site:Visit, and Hauho, Finland’s Hovinkartano Gallery show, One Thing To Remember, in July 2022.

   2021 saw the premiere of Suki's first international solo show, again in Paris, at Mémoire de l'Avenir gallery, which was so well-received that it extended a month due to popular demand!

   Titled Under Wraps: Hidden Histories / Open Secrets, the show focused on the intersection of largely ignored pieces of American history, the way the tendrils of the brutal past echo in the present 
moment via police violence against communities of color, and the ways such narratives can ripple in feeling as juxtaposed against the personal secrets of anonymous individuals.
  Suki's work has exhibited both nationally and internationally across three continents, and has been covered by such publications as Naja21 in France, and Art Blog and Time Out New York in the US.


  Born and Raised in New York City, Suki Valentine is once again dividing time across the river in Hoboken, New Jersey and across the ocean in Paris, France.

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