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The Liminal Codex

The Liminal Codex follows the age-old narrative of an ordinary human that receives a call to arms, attempts refusal only to get pulled in eventually. This person enters an underworld, fights battles, vanquishes demons and emerges on the other side exalted for the experience, whether it's Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey or the Fool's pilgrimage through the 22 cards of the Tarot's Major Arcana.

In this Codex, the life story in question belongs personally to the artist. But Mx. Valentine is quick to point out that it is also the universal story of humanity: we all hear the call, we all resist it initially yet ultimately fight our demons and emerge victorious. The demons are largely of our own creation, an insistence of polarities, black/white, either/or thinking, only to discover that mostly, we have to live not at the edges of things, but rather betwixt and between. A place of seeming contradiction, it is this grey space where we must learn to make peace with ourselves and our limitations.

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